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Fully automated Human Disinfection Machine








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Re-liveX is a Fully automated Human Disinfection Machine (HDM), which provides an innovative, state-of-the-art solution for making the world cleaner and safer than ever before.

After experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating consequences, the society at large will have to find novel ways of protecting itself and taking more preventative measures to ensure public health. Moreover, it is long noted that traditional manual cleaning and disinfection practices are often suboptimal, and new automated decontamination technologies have the potential of becoming a more efficient and reliable alternative.

This is where Re-liveX steps in. We have come up with an elegant and practical implementation for making human interaction in the public space safer, by efficiently removing pathogens from skin, hair and clothes when entering such spaces as shopping areas, public transportation, events, grocery stores, schools and hospitals.

Re-liveX offers a powerful, quick, fully automated, and environmentally friendly way of how to Restart the living!

How does it work?

Re-liveX provides 100% environmentally friendly disinfection by using an active substance consisting of Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), Sodium chloride (NaCl) and Water (H2O). It is a non-toxic, safe and non-hazardous solution used every day in various fields such as agriculture, medicine, food and water disinfection, hygiene and others.

National and international reference laboratories, our partners, as well as our own testing have all proven that HOCl is a highly effective combatant against viruses, allowing Re-liveX to provide 95% disinfection under 30 seconds by Dry Spraying of individuals.

HDM has the potential of revolutionizing the way we perceive public health, and the ease of its implementation and use could make Re-liveX a crucial part of everyday life.



Person steps in


Voice guided instructions


30 seconds dry spraying


Tracking positive Covid 19 individuals



Shopping malls

Business centers




Post offices

Government facilities

Amusement Parks


From such essential facilities as hospitals and schools to leisure and entertainment venues – the Re-liveX is a solution that can be effectively installed and implemented anywhere, being suited for both outdoor and indoor use. Here you can see just a few of our target spaces.


Re-liveX is a unique and contemporary product, based on AI and biometric technology.
Some of HDM’s technical features would include:

  • Video uplink for security and monitoring
  • Integrated air pressure generator, with noise level under 60.00 dB
  • Integrated Body temperature measuring system
  • DeepEye system
  • High-tech durable Nozzles
  • LED light and LED ambient light
  • Integrated Fluid compatibility sensor that will not work with other fluid brands
  • Remote automatic reorder of liquid
  • Persons counter instead of a Liquid consumption tool

What is more, the durable outer body that protects the machine against wear and tear, water and dust, the simple access of the fluid disinfection tank, conveniently accessible mainframe and hatch, and easy to transport dimensions and weight makes the upkeep and maintenance of the product simple and straightforward.

Additionally, the HDM comes with a custom paint job as per customers’ requirements and a Re-Live-X logo presented jointly with the clients’ logo. And to ensure the suitability of the device for all spaces imaginable, different designs and configurations are also available for varying usages and settings.


For the development of the necessary software, we are seeking out partners who are experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence and State of the art Software development.
Essentially, we aim for:

  • Fully automated self-monitoring software and hardware with key function sensors
  • Quick COVID-19 on-site testing (5min) based on existing technology
  • Tracking COVID-19-positive individuals through Mobile GPS services and access to Telecommunication data
  • State of the art software, with access to all government verticals for data sharing
  • Fingerprint technology integrated with law enforcement databases
  • Authorization option through banking services
  • Individual text message notifications

The goal is to potentially integrate HDMs in all levels of Government and Business operations, including Servicing and Distribution networks. Additionally, we aim to integrate with various major mobile services and applications to ensure easy access for everyone and data collection that would help us monitor and improve the service.


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Meet our team of experts – innovative and ambitious minds of the industry, aiming towards helping society get back to normal.

Edgars Jermaks
Edgars Jermaks

Founder & CEO

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Francesco di Bari
Francesco di Bari

Founder & CFO

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Arturs Zipris
Arturs Zipris

Head R&D and Operations

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Edgars Kazoks
Edgars Kazoks

Head of Government Affairs

Arturs Zavjalovs
Arturs Zavjalovs

Head of Distribution and Servicing

Mareks Diks
Mareks Diks

Head of Legal and Compliance

Ksenija Kolesnikova
Ksenija Kolesnikova

Head of HR and Customer Service

Jurryt Liefveld
Jurryt Liefveld

Business Development Director Western Europe

Elina Mazkalne
Elina Mazkalne

Head of Media and Entertainment Industry Baltics + CIS

Vitalijs Kolesnikovs
Vitalijs Kolesnikovs

Head of Design

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